New Zealand New Zealand consists of two main islands (called the North and South Islands) and a number of smaller islands. New Zealand has extensive marine resources, including the Exclusive Economic Zone, covering over 4 million square kms. New Zealand is the first world highly developed country, with high living standards, low crime, and stable political system.

Its legislation is based on the Common (English) Law. Official languages are English, Maori, and New Zealand Sign Language.

Being a member of the O.E.C.D., it’s not part of the EU and is not subject to EU Savings Tax Directive. New Zealand domestic law and its wide network of double tax treaties offer vast opportunities to legally reduce your business tax burden with no connotations of using tax haven instruments.

Although it is possible to register an unlimited liability company, companies are usually either limited liability companies or companies limited by guarantee. New Zealand is well renounced place for estate planning purposes through the setup of Trusts that offer excellent protection to investors. If properly structured, a New Zealand resident company can operate as a tax free offshore company. There is great flexibility in the incorporation and management of a New Zealand Company. It has no capital requirements and has a simple and fast incorporation procedure.

Types of Companies

  • Limited Liability Company
  • Look Through Company
  • Foreign Trust

Our Services

We provide advice on the most appropriate ownership structure, choice of license and business activity and assist with preparation of the all necessary documents for the company formation.

Highlights of New Zealand Limited Liability Companies

  • No share capital required at the moment of incorporation.
  • More credibility in the marketplace.
  • Easier to attract funds and investment (investors can become shareholders).
  • Easier to sell the business or pass it on to others as it is a separate entity.
  • The shareholders’ liability for losses is limited to their share of ownership of the company.
  • Tax registration is not compulsory if a company is not going to commence trading.
  • Constitution adoption is not compulsory.

General Information

Type of Company Limited Liability
Companies Law Common Law
Minimum Director One (has to be resident of NZ for tax benefits)
Minimum Shareholder One
Bearer Shares Permitted No
Corporate Shareholders Yes
Corporate Directors No
Disclosure of Ownership No  (although use of nominee shareholders allowed)
Disclosure of Directors No
Corporate Seal Required No (although use of nominee directors allowed)
Annual accounts filing Yes
Annual returns filing Yes
Audit Requirements Yes