Seychelles Seychelles, consisting of a group of some 115 islands, scattered across the western Indian Ocean northeast of the island of Madagascar. There is an estimated population of 85,000 and a land area of 454 square kilometers. The official languages are English, French and Creole (a patois based on French). Seychelles is a member of the Common wealth of Nations. Seychelles became a Republic in 1976 within the Commonwealth when it gained its independence from Great Britain.

Its legal system is based on English Common Law, although no direct influence of British courts apply as it is governed by its own courts under the Napoleonic Code and the amended 1993 Constitution

The primary industries are tourism, agriculture, and fishing. The rapidly expanding financial sector, linked to the establishment of the Seychelles International Business Authority and a suite of progressive laws facilitating the establishment of offshore structures and encouraging inward investment, is now a significant element of the economy.

Types of Companies

  • International Business Companies (“IBC”) – Most commonly used of all the company formations
  • Companies Special License (“CSL”) – registered as a domestic company
  • Companies Ordinance Law
  • Protect Cell companies


Seychelles has no double taxation treaties (DTAA), which could obligate the disclosure of information of clients to other countries. Except those that come through criminal proceedings (although there has been some recent development on the DTAA space with Asia and South Asia)

Highlights of Seychelles Companies (“IBC”)

  • Exempt from all local taxation
  • Bearer shares permitted
  • Confidentiality on shareholders information
  • Well developed professional infrastructure
  • British dependent territory
  • Neutral tax jurisdiction
  • Regulated financial services industry
  • No exchange controls

General Information

Type of Company IBC
Companies Law IBC Act 2000, (as amended 2001)
Minimum Director One
Minimum Shareholder One
Bearer Shares Permitted Yes (restricted mobility)
Corporate Shareholders Yes
Corporate Directors Yes
Disclosure of Shareholders No
Disclosure of Directors Yes
Corporate Seal Required Yes
Annual accounts filing Yes
Annual returns filing Yes