All mainland license are issued by the Department for Economic Development (“DED”) Authority and it provides the eligibility to freely perform your business activity – Services and Trade, within the UAE, in Free zones and also Internationally.

As per the new rule now an Expat can open a 100% ownership company in UAE without a requirement of a UAE national as a shareholder. However, for Service license still there is a requirement of a UAE national to be mentioned as a Local Service Agent in the Service/Professional licenses.

With the new ruling effective 2021, the DED authority is allowing all expatriates/foreigners to hold licenseswith 100% ownership under their name(s), with no requirement to partner up with a UAE National, with over 1000 + activities benefiting from this recent development. However, few service activities and regulated activities still require the involvement of a UAE National to be a partner on the license or carryout the role of a Local Service Agent (“LSA”).

The benefits of setting up a Mainland Company

  • 100% Foreign ownership for over 1000+ economic activities
  • The ability to select a location in any part of Dubai to lease office or commercial space.
  • The ability to carry out a variety of business activities (both regulated and un-regulated)
  • The ability to conduct business anywhere within the UAE, including in Free zones and abroad.
  • No Visa limitations
  • Ease of opening bank accounts
  • 0% corporate and personal income taxes