12 Corporate Structuring – The prime objectives behind the demand for offshore services from both individuals and corporations are attributed to tax minimization, asset protection, private wealth planning, confidentiality, political instability, cost reduction and banking services.In today’s uncertain economic environment, political instability and changing legislations of respective countries, demanding more transparency, accountability and disclosure norms, it is imperative for today’s business houses to seek quality professional advice.

At the same time, as private wealth is growing at unprecedented rates, so are global transparency and compliance requirements. Consequently, managing personal assets has become increasingly complex.

At Hexagon Advisory Corporate Structuring we help private clients manage, protect and enhance their wealth, now and for future generations through the use of properly crafted entities and structures in order to help minimize and/or eliminate these risks and aid future planning.

At Hexagon Advisory we specialize in outlining the various uses of offshore companies for the creation of Special Purpose Vehicles (“SPVs”), depending upon the intended use or purpose. Based upon a mutual understanding of the client’s specific needs, we design a specific structure or solution tailored to realize goals and maximize the intended benefits

Key offerings

Hexagon Advisory can assist in the creation of various types of tailor-made corporate structures, ranging from those intended for:

  • International trading & service companies
  • Investment companies
  • Utilizing double taxation treaties through intermediary holding companies
  • Holding companies
  • Privacy and wealth protection
  • Estate planning including foreign investments
  • Companies for the avoidance of probate (for those with multiple assets in a number of countries)
  • Property owning companies
  • Asset ownership / leasing and management
  • Professional services company