14 International Tax Planning – Virtually all significant business transactions raise tax planning issues. In structuring these transactions, it is important to ensure that they are structured in the most tax advantageous manner.Hexagon Advisory’s international tax planning practice specialise in understanding the business objectives of each of their clients, and provides them with solutions and assistance in the establishment of legitimate structure for tax planning and asset protection, through the use of off shore companies across 20+ renowned countries.

Hexagon Advisory provides solutions for tax planning needs to a range of clients, from corporate to small and medium sized businesses, as well as to individuals and families involved in businesses.

Key offerings

With the benefit of being strategically located within the UAE – a tax free country, coupled with our strong business knowledge and understanding of the global international free-zone / off shore centers’ tax and regulatory policies, forms the basis of the effective assessment and advice we offer on all matters related to international tax planning, fund transfers and profit repatriations associated with international trade, financing and investments.