16 Trust and Foundations Services – Personal wealth is accumulated in different ways, either inherited, earned through successful business venture, or through investment planning, it is only prudent to consider a strategy to protect assets and wealth for the future.Failure to make adequate succession plan for these assets can lead to great distress and incurring of large costs to sort out ownership, legal and succession matters.

This is where Trust and Foundations Services remains one of the most effective tax and asset protection planning tool available today.

At Hexagon Advisory we specialise in the creation of various types of trusts and foundations specifically for use in the holding of family assets, including individual’s trading/operating businesses, with an emphasis on catering to the unique needs and requirements of HNI clients from across the globe. We have been instrumental in creating trust structures for citizens ranging from Europe, India, Africa and Asia.

Key offerings

  • Wealth protection for future generations
    Assets transferred to a trust no longer form part of the Settlor’s property. This means the assets cannot normally be seized in the event of the Settlor getting into financial difficulties.
  • Controlling succession of ownership for family businesses and wealth
    Trust ensures that wealth accumulated over a lifetime is not divided up amongst the heirs, but retained as one fund.
  • Careful planning for beneficiaries
    Company shares can be transferred into a trust prior to death, the unnecessary liquidation of the family business can be prevented and the trustees could be instructed to retain the shares, keep the company running, and provide payment to members of the family from dividend income.
  • Tax planning
    In most jurisdictions a trust deed is not registered with any tax authority or government. Additionally, correctly structured and administered trust may produce substantial savings in income tax, capital gains tax and inheritance tax/estate duty.
  • Flexible estate planning
    Where complex arrangements for the distribution of the assets is required by the trustor.
  • Avoiding disruption on death
    To avoid the issue of probate, which can lead to delays, expenses, publicity and upheaval with respect to the ownership of the asset(s). With the creation of a trust, death has no effect on the trust property, which will continue to be held and managed by the trust.