Dubai Freezone Company Formation

Going for the home run

Starting a business is a hard and arduous process. It takes a risk, therefore, it takes courage or to be more accurate, it takes guts. Everyone keeps hearing how this company or the other went down and how investors and entrepreneurs lose money. It’s a scary environment for people who seek to create something. So why not minimize the risk while maximizing profits? Big companies and banks operate with that mindset all the time and so should you. Here’s a way to do just that. Instead of setting up your business near your hometown or something goes for the Dubai freezone company setup solution. What is that I hear you ask? Good, let’s talk about it.

Dubai Freezone Company Setup

Like many countries in the Middle-East, the United Arab Emirates have quite the oil reserve. Unlike most, however, they’ve opted not to base the country’s economy entirely on it. They’ve been meticulous about providing incentives and benefits for foreign investors, the best of which can be found in their free zones. Here are a few of the benefits provided with the Dubai freezone company formation solution. 

First of all, 100%  foreign-owned businesses are allowed there which means your business will be allowed to thrive without having to provide a part of it to some local agency. This is not only rare but also quite invaluable. Secondly, the personal and company tax in these free zones is 0%. Yes, you did read that right. 0%. Try to fit that into your head and wash it down with the fact that despite the lack of taxes the infrastructure in the free zones is specifically built to improve the efficiency of corporations. I mean… There isn’t any place else where businesses can be afforded something of this sort. Now combine the aforementioned benefits that there’s a wide variety of both commercial and residential freehold property available and you’re almost set. 

Uae Free Zone Setup

I’m saying almost because you’ll need someone to aid you in this endeavor. Unless you’re certain that you can handle all the responsibilities that come with that kind of territory, alone you’ll need some help. That’s why there are consulting and advisory firms like Hexagon Advisory Limited out there. They have a comprehensive program and a vast number of experts on all issues. From bankers to accountants and lawyers there’s no problem that may present itself that Hexagon can’t help you to solve.