Trade License Dubai

Types of Trade License in Dubai

Acquiring a Trade License Dubai is pretty easy process, offered you to come across all the regulatory and lawful needs that the government of UAE has presented in its policies that involve a Business setup in Dubai. Trade license by Trade Finance Services Dubai is your license to run your business and incorporate in buying and selling of your products and services. The set of laws of the UAE do not permit you to get mixed up in the market in any way until you have come across all the requirements and acquired your license.

There are 4 types of trade licenses that you can get in the UAE depending on the type of business activity that you take on.

Commercial License

Any Business formation in Dubai purchasing or selling merchandises in Dubai is released a commercial license. The business is not permitted to take on any performance that does not fall under the allowance of this specific license.

Industrial License

Every Business formation in UAE that is incorporated in developing or other type of activities that come under the province of industrial activity are necessary to acquire an industrial license in order to run successfully.

Professional License

If you are a professional worker or you offer a service, you need to get hold of a professional license before you can do in Dubai.

Professional services comprise legal, medical, auditing, marketing, educational and lots other services.


However, every Business setup in UAE needs to do with tourism and also need to acquire tourism licenses.

Once acquired, the license will open the doors to several other paths that you can discover throughout your time managing the business. The license provides as an accessing to future development and further growth.

The department provides licenses & trade permits, sets rules for business hours, and classifies business into different lawfully legitimate activities.