11 Dubai is a business hub in the region. Most of the companies and businesses want to establish their business offices in the Dubai to expand their brands and trade. Trade license or commercial licence is a legal document that helps you to do trade or business in Dubai. According to company laws in Dubai, it is legal requirement to get trade license in Dubai. Trade license registration in Dubai is mandatory for the in order to have business keep and up.

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A business needs to get one of the following trade licenses:

  • Industrial license

Industrial license is for the businesses in the field of manufacture or industry.

  • Professional license

Professional license is for the professional services, craftsmen or artisans. Trade license is issued in the business sectors of accounting and finance, IT, management, healthcare, advertising, and marketing. 

Trade license registration Dubai is the most important part of the setting a business in Dubai. With the license registration in Dubai, your business activities can be carried out all across the Dubai and UAE. 

Department of Economic Development (DED) controls the all matters of business and economy. Department of Economic Development (DED) issues the trade license to company. 

In order to get commercial trade license, a company required to submit a set of incorporation documents. The Memorandum and articles of association and other legal documents are required along with application of  license Dubai.

Why do you need to get a general trade license?

The approximate cost of the general trade license it AED 300,000 TO 400,000. General trade license has many benefits and advantages for any business in Dubai.

  • The most important benefit of having a general trade license is no taxes in Dubai. The business does not require paying any taxes on income or profits.
  • With this license, you can trade locally and internationally.
  • Auditing report submission to the government is not mandatory. 
  • By accoutering this legal document, you can apply for the multiple visas of the employees.

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