Expo 2020 and Business Opportunities in Dubai

Expo 2020 and Business Opportunities in Dubai

Dubai is geared up to host one of its grandest events called Expo 2020. The first global mega-event to take place since the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, the Expo 2020 Dubai will run from 1 October 2021 to 31 March 2022, inviting millions to join the cultural gathering.

If you’re wondering about what lies in store, we have created a comprehensive guide to walk you through the details of the event.

What is Expo 2020 Dubai?

It is a universal exhibition that brings together a diverse range of art, cultures, science, innovations, and inventions in one place. Consider it a platform where global audiences connect, share, innovate and learn new ideas and inventions.

The exposition is centered around the theme ‘Connecting Minds and Creating the Future, making up a trio of thematic pavilions: sustainability, mobility, and opportunity. Sustainability highlights respecting and living in harmony with the world we inhabit. Mobility underlines the creation of a smarter and more productive movement of people, goods, and ideas, physically and virtually. Opportunity focuses on tapping the potential for individuals and communities to shape the future. The six-month-long event expects the participation of over 190 countries, each day brimming with new experiences.

What is the purpose of this event?

Expo 2020 Dubai is anticipated to be an important milestone for the global business community. It will offer significant opportunities for businesses of all sizes, from start-ups and SMEs to international establishments as well as government entities.

Moreover, the event seeks to raise awareness about the global issues that mankind faces. It brings together countries from across the world to jointly initiate and promote ideas that can make a lasting impact on human lives while also preserving the environment.

Essentially, Expo 2020 Dubai will act as a link between governments, businesses, international organizations, and individuals to foster a more diversified and sustainable global economy and enable robust business connectivity.

What makes Dubai Expo 2020 unique?

From daily parades to late-night laser shows, special effects, operas, sports events, and more, Expo 2020 has something for everyone. The event will cover all areas from art, music, and entertainment to gastronomy, technology, and architecture. Individual pavilions will be set up at the event for countries to exhibit their unique cultures and innovations. Dubai is expecting 190 nations to participate. The event, which has been built from scratch on 4.3 sq km of desert, will offer visitors an experience of Emirati hospitality and the UAE’s principles of inclusiveness and collaboration.

Dubai is considered the tourism, trade, and business hub of the UAE, and the Expo 2020 Dubai is supported by several factors, including the city’s impressive infrastructure and prospects of new investments. The expo will provide several possibilities for networking and the promotion of international connections.

The economic impact of Expo 2020 & business opportunities

Through Expo 2020, the UAE is looking to accelerate its economy by attracting 25 million business and tourist visits. Many countries and companies are also looking at the opportunity to boost trade and investment through this event.

The initial economic benefit can be expected due to the event’s building activities. Expo 2020 Dubai will propel infrastructure developments such as roads, bridges, and the Dubai Metro Route 2020 line, particularly built for the event which makes this time the perfect for setting up business in Dubai.

On the employment front, the event will have a significant impact on the country’s economy, creating a huge influx of jobs in the region, especially across travel tourism, retail, real estate, events & exhibition, marketing & media, technology & software consultancy, logistics, security, health & safety, engineering, procurement & finance, and most importantly hospitality.

The event is expected to attract millions of visits from around the world, with over 70% of attendees coming from outside the UAE. More than 200 restaurants from across the globe will be represented, as well as more than 60 daily live events. Between 2013 and 2031, this event is likely to drive the UAE economy by AED 122.6 billion, in turn creating approximately 905,200 Full-Time Equivalent (FTE) job-years.

What are the Ticket Prices?

The tickets for Expo 2020 Dubai are now on sale. A single-entry ticket costs AED 95. A one-month multi-entry ticket costs AED 195, while a six-month pass costs AED 495. Entry is free for visitors under the age of 18 and senior citizens aged 60 and above. The tickets can be booked directly through the Expo 2020 Dubai portal or authorized resellers.

Visitors can also opt for premium experiences, which would not only include unlimited entries for the entire duration of the event but also many other perks. At AED 1,750, visitors can enjoy five entries to the exclusive premium lounge, priority access to select business events, complimentary access to the Expo B2B app, a dedicated concierge, guided tours, and a 20% discount on food and beverages.