A guide to Where to start a company in UAE

Starting a business is best if you understand the requirements so that you know where to start a company in UAE. The business startup is encouraged and is attracting business investors showing economic stability.

The trends in the recent market are offering in UEA plenty of opportunities for foreign investors. You can tap into the export and import of commodities, also get benefit of the tourist growing traffic in the city for unlimited potential customers and clients. There is a need to understand the facts to start a company in UAE.

Key government pointers

  • There is a need for a person to contact the respective emirate so that they acquire approval and the trade name registration is done.
  • This can be done through eServices or by visiting their office.


After the initial approval procced for authority’s approval for trading or business activities by referring the emirates, depending on the place you wish to start a company in UAE.


In exceptional cases, the Ministry of Economy approval is needed at first such as for a private joint stock company setting up.

Where to begin?

Planning to start your company on the mainland, you should know the following to understand where to start.

Starting a company cost

Setting up any business involves capital investment, paying for employee visas and licenses. The setting up cost is based on:

  • The license required and the nature of the activity, commercial, service-oriented or industrial.
  • The company legal form, whether it is a company, establishment or a company branch.
  • The required license and activity nature, whether it is industrial, commercial, or service-oriented.


Capital requirements to start a company

Capital requirements vary as per the legal form of a company.  There is a need for AED 30 million as minimum capital, for a PJSC, while for a PrJSC it is to be paid in full such that it is less than AED 5 million.

The UAE companies’ law for commercial businesses do not specify a capital, but it is specified in the MOA (Memorandum of Association), and there must be enough capital to fulfill the business setup purpose.

For foreign companies establishing in the UAE a Limited Liability Company (LLC), they should take guidance on the current practices of the emirate relevantly regarding the minimum share capital.

Partners Nationality

The partner’s nationality is important to evaluate the business type to set. Only UAE nationals are allowed to set the following companies:

  • Home-based businesses license
  • Joint liability companies (it should have UAE nationals)
  • Commercial or industrial sole proprietorship type
  • SME license.

Other nationalities but for the GCC countries may have other business types. This will allow involving one sponsor as UAE national and he/ she could be:

  • A 51% ownership partner of the business or
  • An LSA having 100% business ownership.